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Project Geographical Area.

The vocational school (centre) of FrankEve Human Development Foundation is situated on the boarder of Agona Swedru being the capital town of Agona West Municipal Assembly and Gomoa Ekwamkrom (being also one of the outskirt towns of Gomoa East District Assembly. The school is basically made up of youth adolescent girls from both districts, who do not have employable skills due to challenges such as from single parenthood, inability parents/ guardians to pay school going expenses, and vulnerability etc.

Population of the Area

Potential students who could be admitted by the school within the attachment area is the about nine thousand eight hundred and ninety six (9,896). These are Junior School leavers who are unable to further their education either to the Senior High School or Senior Technical and Vocational School. From the 2010 population and Housing Census, the population of the two (2) districts as 2010 was about thirty seven thousand, two Hundred and one (37,201).

Economic Activities

The Gomoaman and Agonaman are mainly indigenous people who are peasant farmers in maize, vegetables, cassava and the like’s cultivation. Their farming activities are rain-fed and many do farming in difficult circumstance. Apart from farming activities others are engaged in petty agric–business trading and in household consumables mainly. These economic activities are mainly small and micro –scale enterprises and are usually challenged with inadequate working capitals.

The Restaurant Training Resource Centre being constructed by FrankEve Human Development Foundation was started in December 2011 and since reached lintel level. The project was financed mainly by the foundation through fees paid by students, sale of products and other voluntary contribution in building materials donated by some of the members of the board of trustees. The projects consist of a kitchen, changing room, a bar, an office with supporting space, an eating area, including other ancillary facilities.

Project Objectives, Activities and Expected Outcome

That by the end of Vocational Training in Cookery, Food and Beverage services, student’s practical skills in restaurant and customer services would have been enhanced to adequately compete with their counterpart from similar institutions, since restaurant business appears to be dominating in the hospitality industry in most parts of the country.

That the school is able to generate additional income from the sales of food and beverage services to the public so to augment its financial resources for the running of the school.

Out –school students who may not have immediate employment after graduation can be further attached to the centre to earn some allowance and deepen practical experience.

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