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Why volunteering at FrankEve?

What can you do?

The FrankEve Vocational School hosts approximately 150 female students in the age between 16 and 21. You can help them as a teacher. Good education will help them to improve their future and to overcome life time challenges, such as the role of the Ghanaian women in the masculine Ghanaian society.

You can also help the school with their administration and the promotion.

Which classes?

Subjects volunteers often teach are English, Mathematics, Food & Beverage, Hygiene & Safety, or Cookery Theory. Other classes at FrankEve you can help with are Cake decoration, Jewellery making, and Fashion Design.

How will we help you?

We will help you to provide the information you need for your journey and your stay in Ghana. Our past volunteers can also help you with tips. Francisca, the founder of the school and her husband Evans will pick you up at the airport in Accra and will bring you to beautiful city AgonaSwedru, where the school is located. We will make you feel at home and we will teach you the ins and outs about Ghanaian culture.

Where will you stay?

You can choose to sleep and eat at a host family nearby the school, where you can experience Ghanaian family life. You can also stay in a private room attached to the school and Francisca will host you. You will be surrounded by the girls and Francisca and Evans who also live at the school.

What do you need for your journey?

To enter Ghana you need a visa. You have to apply for this yourself. If you need some information about it, our past volunteers would love to help you. Also if you need an address to fill your form, just email us for it.

Moreover, it is necessary to be vaccinated against some diseases. Please check a health center in your country for their recommendations.


• Volunteering overseas is a great way of making your CV/resume stand out. It shows you are willing to step outside your comfort zone to make a difference to the lives of others. Employers appreciate this and they value the life experience, soft skills and cultural understanding that you will gain through volunteering.

• Volunteering at FrankEve gives you the opportunity to take time out of your regularroutine and think about what it is you really want to do with your life. By volunteering in an area you are interested in, you will have the opportunity to solidify your goals and career path.

• By taking time out to volunteer abroad, you will also increase your chances of success at college/university because you will be giving yourself the time to mature and focus your interests.

About FrankEve

FrankEve is a Foundation in Ghana that administers to the Academic and Vocational needs of the individual to overcome life time challenges
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