If you have a passion for fashion trends, an eye for design and enjoy working with your hands to create unique pieces of clothing and accessories, open specialty shops or signature boutiques, pursuing a fashion design program at FrankEve would be right for you. In addition to completing a two or three year program, our fashion program teaches basic coursework to develop drawing and design skills while expanding knowledge on basic color theory and aesthetic principles. Other course to study includes:

• Design techniques
• Computer-aided design technologies
• Costume designing
• Millinery
• Pattern drafting
• Free hand cutting and tailoring
• Fashion Marketing
• Fashion Entrepreneurship
• Beading Jewellery

Core Subjects

• Social studies
• English Language
• Mathematics
• Integrated science

Note that after a program of study at FrankEve, one will qualify for upper level positions in established design companies for more competitive salary ranges, set up one’s own fashion company or pursue a program at the Polytechnic or the University.


• Patternmakers: Create patterns based on the fashion designers specifications.
• Textile specialist: Blend art and science on the cutting edge of technology as you create new kinds of fabrics.
• Merchandising: It’s all in the presentation!
• Stylists: Coordinate outfits and make clothing on models look just right for catalog and magazine shoots. Some stylists also work with private clients, such as celebrities, advising them on the latest trends.
• Merchandising: It’s all in the presentation!

Admission Requirements: The person should at least be a holder of B.E.C.E or SSCE / WASSCE and its equivalent.We also 6 and 18months program too.

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