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An introduction through the eyes of the volunteers

Dear reader,

Suzanne and Jonne in front of the future restaurant

We are proud to present to you the first edition of the FrankEve Foundation newsletter. In this newsletter we would like to introduce you to the organization through the eyes of the volunteers who work at FrankEve currently.

First, let’s introduce ourselves. We are Suzanne Klerkx and Jonne van Putten from Utrecht, The Netherlands (Holland). We arrived at FrankEve Vocational School in Agona Swedru, Ghana a month ago. From that moment on, we have been teaching at the school. The people in Agona Swedru are very kind to us, and we feel both welcome as appreciated. We sleep at the school, so that we can spend most of our time with the girls. They can learn from us, but we can certainly learn a lot from them as well.


FrankEve Vocational School

Let us introduce you to the school. FrankEve Vocational School hosts approximately 150 female students. FrankEve is a Foundation in Ghana that administers to the Academic and Vocational needs of the individual to overcome life time challenges, such as the role of the Ghanaian women in the masculine Ghanaian society. Exploitation is a serious risk for uneducated, dependant women. At FrankEve, the girls are given the opportunity to make a change for a better future. Not only for themselves, but also for the future generations

The foundation wants to accomplish this goal by providing skills to further them in a certain career path. At the school girls learn basic skills such as English en Math, but also vocations such as Fashion Designing, Events & Floral Decorations, Food & Beverage and Cake Decoration. Through the internships, the girls also learn the practical side of the training and often are able to start their own shop or work for somebody after graduation. This has helped minimize young girls depending on men.

The future restaurant

As we all know, theory only gets us so far. But for true education, you need to

put theory into practice. This is the reason why FrankEve Foundation is currently building a restaurant for extra internships for the girls. It will also help to sustain
the school financially. In this future restaurant the young women of the FrankEve Vocational School get the opportunity to experience the working life, while also earning a decent wage.

Before we departed for Ghana, we hosted two fundraising events to raise money
for the build of the future FrankEve restaurant. With this money a great part of
the build has already been done. But it is not ready yet! More funds are needed
for this project. The foundation depends on volunteers and donations for its continued survival.

In our time in Swedru we experienced firsthand how much help is needed and appreciated. The foundation needs funds to complete the project, and to sustain the level of education they can provide to young women in Ghana. The organization would benefit from more volunteers, as this keeps costs down and helps the women broadening their horizon. We enjoy every minute at FrankEve and we recommend this to everyone!

Suzanne enjoying break time with some of the students
Jonne and one of the students in his class


How can you help?

Tell your friends and coworkers about FrankEve Foundation! We would love to know that people are aware of its good work. Do you want to know more about our experiences as volunteers at FrankEve Foundation? Send an email to or

If you wish to make a donation, click on Donate now

You can also transfer your donation to the account of FrankEve Human Development Foundation. To do this, your donations should be transfered to the International Commercial Bank, Agona Swedru, Ghana, PO Box SW 965, swift code ‘INCEGHAC’ in favor of ‘FrankEve Human Development Foundation’, account number 90200040005.

Best regards,
On behalf of FrankEve,
Suzanne and Jonne

January 13, 2018

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FrankEve is a Foundation in Ghana that administers to the Academic and Vocational needs of the individual to overcome life time challenges
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